Motivated Eyewear has two offices in the United States, one is located in the Scenic area of the Delaware beaches, and the other office is located in the Charlotte, North Carolina skyline with breath taking views. The company was started in 2012 and changed ownership twice since then. Now in the hands of two influential entreprenuers, Motivated Eyewear plans on expanding to new heights in 2018.



CJ Faison — Owner of Motivated Eyewear and a very decorated entrepreneur who also is a former NASCAR Driver with a deep history in the business world.... Oh yeah, and is now an up and coming YouTube Personality.

Moe Sargi — Perhaps one of the most influential personalities on YouTube and also happens to be Co-Owner of Motivated Eyewear. Moe has a huge following and a keen eye for the latest fashion trends.



Honestly, we don't look back on the things that we have done. We are strictly looking forward and that's our company policy. Our goal is to build a culture that is like no other in this world.


motivated tour 2019 

"Moe and I love Motivating people, so we were bouncing ideas back and forth one day about the certain things we could do. We had this insane idea called the "Motivated Tour" and well, needless to say it's going to happen. Click here for more information