Motivated Eyewear has been acquired and now under new ownership


Motivated Eyewear has been a company that was first known for as one of the first underdogs in the sunglasses industry and has developed into much more since it's inception. Throughout the years, the company has gone through multiple growing pains, buyouts, and a with standing reputation for quality products.

In January 2018 Motivated Eyewear was acquired by the CJ Faison Group which has ownership of several different companies in the automotive and marketing industries. The CJF Group also has sold a percentage of the business to YouTube celebrity Moe Sargi in a joint effort to captivate more sales. Today, the company made it officially known that it has acquired Motivated Eyewear to add to their list of companies.

In January the CJF Group took ownership and quickly decided to "ghost" the company until April once they rebuilt the Motivated website, relocated the companies operations from California, and put two new offices across the Country before re-launching the brand.

Motivated Eyewear now has two office locations being in Las Vegas, Nevada and Felton, Delaware. These two office locations serve different purposes and job opportunities are now available.

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